Get the best results for your treatment by following these simple tips and recipe suggestions compiled by our team


Let's get started with the basic nutrition essentials while on our PIR program.

  • The fewer carbohydrates the better!
  • You should aim for under 45g of carbohydrates per meal
  • Stay away from sides – fries, hashbrowns, biscuits, coffee creamer, dressings, sauces (ex. ketchup)
  • Choose a diet drink, water, or black coffee over sugary soft drinks/tea or milk (even if it’s fat-free)

Fast Food Suggestions


  • Sausage Burrito and Black Coffee– 30gCarbohydrates
  • Egg McMuffin and Black Coffee – 25gCarbohydrates
  • Fruit and Oatmeal with black coffee – 46g Carbohydrates
  • Quarter pounder without fries and diet drink –44g Carbohydrates
  • Filet-O-Fish without fries and diet drink – 39gCarbohydrates
  • McChicken without mayo and fries and diet drink– 38g Carbohydrates
  • McDouble with apple slices instead of fries and diet drink – 41g Carbohydrates
  • 6 piece chicken nuggets and small fry and diet drink – 44g Carbohydrates

Taco Bell

  • Sausage Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito – 39gCarbohydrates
  • Bacon Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito – 36gCarbohydrates
  • Doritos Locos Taco Supreme – 15g Carbohydrates
  • Steak Soft Taco – 15g Carbohydrates
  • Beef Crunchy Taco Supreme – 12g Carbohydrates
  • Chicken Soft Taco – 17g Carbohydrates
  • Fresco Beef Soft Taco – 17g Carbohydrates
  • Bean Crunchy Taco – 15g Carbohydrates
  • Fresco Chicken Soft Taco – 18g Carbohydrates
  • Chicken Power Bowl – 4g Carbohydrates
  • Steak Power Bowl – 6g Carbohydrates
  • Chicken Crunchy Taco Supreme – 13g Carbohydrates
  • Sides – Most are high in caloric content and carbohydrates
    Black beans – 7g Carbohydrates

Burger King

  • Egg and Cheese Croissan’wich – 29g Carbohydrates
  • Ham, Egg and Cheese Biscuit – 29g Carbohydrates
  • Jr. Breakfast Burrito – 27g Carbohydrates
  • Sausage Biscuit – 28g Carbohydrates
  • Whopper Jr. Sandwich – 27g Carbohydrates
  • Bacon Double Cheeseburger (not the whopper) –27g Carbohydrates
  • Crispy Chicken Jr. Sandwich – 34g Carbohydrates
  • 10pc Chicken Nuggets – 27g Carbohydrates
  • Garden Chicken Salad with Crispy Chicken (no dressing) – 31g Carbohydrates


  • Bacon or Sausage Breakfast Burrito – 35gCarbohydrates
  • Bacon Brioche Breakfast Sandwich – 38gCarbohydrates
  • Ham Croissonic Breakfast Sandwich – 33gCarbohydrates
  • Jr. Breakfast Burrito – 22g Carbohydrates
  • Jr. Burger – 32 Carbohydrates
  • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger – 34gCarbohydrates
  • Chicken Wrap – Grilled, No Mayo – 39gCarbohydrates
  • 6 piece Boneless Wings (Buffalo) – 17gCarbohydrates
  • 3 piece Crispy Tenders – 16g Carbohydrates
  • Small Jumbo Chicken – 24g Carbohydrates
  • 6” All Beef Regular Hot Dog – 31g Carbohydrates