Chasity Guidry

About Chasity Guidry

Chasity Guidry, RN, brings over two decades of healthcare experience to Bioactive. With a

passion for making a difference in people’s lives, she is grateful for the opportunities nursing

provides to serve and educate others.

A native of Rayne and a graduate of Notre Dame High School, Chasity began her professional

career with a BSN in Nursing from UL Lafayette. She has worked in different facets of

healthcare, including pediatrics, home health, school nursing, public health, geriatrics, and

employee wellness. These opportunities have allowed Chasity to continue her lifelong calling to

help people and improve their quality of life.

Chasity currently resides in Rayne with her husband Cody. They have four beautiful children,

two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, and a dog, Millie. When not working, Chasity enjoys

traveling, spending time with family and friends, shopping, and attending sporting events for her


As a nurse, Chasity values the importance of helping the community through education of health

and wellness topics, meeting personal goals, and the benefits of Bioactive’s treatment

modalities. She looks forward to sharing her passion and working to make the community she

loves and calls home a healthier place to live.